Dress for Success

Year: 2011
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $477.00

Project Launch:

In Fila Guinea, Costa Rica, there were no extracurricular activities until the local Comité Tutelar, the children's rights committee, helped bring Girl and Boy scouts to the community in 2010. The scout program is an activity through which youth learn about environmental protection, play sports, develop leadership skills, do community service project and interact with other youth in healthy and fun activities. Now, every other week, community adult leaders get together to host this activity for community youth. However, in order for these kids to officially become scouts they need to have uniforms. Unfortunately, many parents in the community lack the financial resources to buy these uniforms and wouldn’t allow their kids to participate in the activity. To eliminate this economic obstacle and to get as many kids in this group as possible so that the community youth can develop into future community leaders, the Comité Tutelar in 2011, organized support from World Connect for scout uniforms.