Derivados de Maiz

Year: 2014
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

There is a very dominant machismo culture in Guanacaste that delegates women in charge of domestic responsibilities, preventing many from finding employment and obtaining financial independence. The local women’s group, Mujeres Emprendedoras de Matambú, works with the local Catholic Church and cooks and sells food after each mass to help generate income. This project will support the women’s group new business strategy of selling ingredients along with recipes, enabling community members to learn how to cook traditional foods. Each bag will contain ingredients to make 15 rosquillas, 2 tanelas, and 1 empanada, all traditional palates of Guanacaste. Additionally, the ingredients will all be harvested locally, including the corn, which is cropped in the indigenous territory of Matambú. The women will also take a business course that focuses on writing a business plan and basic accounting.


Project Update

The women's group is now legally registered and has obtained all the necessary licensing, insurance and health forms to launch and operate a food business. After analyzing results from a market survey, the women decided to sell prepared food instead of prepackaged ingredients. Every day, the women sell meals at a newly-opened local market, generating an average of $800 per month. 2016 sales have risen exponentially and the women are exploring strategies to increase their customer base and profits.



"We did not have work, and now we do. Now we are more integrated as a group, and for this reason, we are very happy. Now we don't have to depend on others." - Project Leader


"From the beginning, the idea was to earn a little money for our homes, and now we are achieving our goal." - Zobeida, Project Participant



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