Just Dance! Escuela San Isidro L.C.

Year: 2011
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

San Isidro, Costa Rica is located in the mountainous region of Los Santos, about sixty kilometers south of the capital city of San Jose. The majority of the 1,000 citizens of San Isidro are Costa Ricans with Spanish heritage. There are also minorities of Nicaraguans and indigenous Panamanians. Many kids in San Isidro rarely leave the community and when they do, it is to run errands with their parents or go to a doctor's appointment in a bigger city. With a $500 grant from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program in 2011 to support the Just Dance project to give members of the popular local dance group the opportunity to discover and explore other communities and interact and share experiences with other children involved in other dance groups. The group plans to perform in the elementary school and for local families and special events, such as the twice-yearly arts festivals.