Crochet and Embroidery Training for Craftswomen of El Makhzen

Year: 2012
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $480.27

Project Launch:

Since the closure of the mines in the lower Agoundis Valley nearly 20 years ago, families have relied mostly on income men are able to generate as day laborers in major cities. The women in the community are eager to work in an effort to relieve some of the burden by taking on crochet and embroidery as an income-generating activity. With the support of a local Peace Corps Volunteer, World Connect is supporting the launch of a series of trainings for the 32 women and 11 young girls who make up the "Craftswomen of El Makhzen", a local women's community in the Valley, with the goal of establishing their informal cooperative as a formal organization. Being that the lower Agaundis is Morocco's primary tourist destination, the women have an agreement in place to sell their crafts at many of the region's hotels and guesthouses.


Project Update

A total of 16 girls and 11 women participated in the trainings, where they learned crochet and embroidery. The girls showed so much interest in learning crochet and embroidery, that even after the training had ended, they still met regularly, and often work on their crafts individually at home. They were quick learners and went beyond the basic designs, adding embellishments to their crafts. The women and girls have been selling their crafts to local tourists who visit their community.



"We have learned so much. Before we weren't doing anything, but now I can make a purse! And I keep learning more. Some of the other girls know this so well. We can all teach other." - Nziha,15, Project Participant 


"This project has been so good for the girls. Before they just watched TV at home. TV will make your brain go away. Now they have learned something new. And they are having so much fun!" - Mina, Project Leader



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