Construction of Library at Nampeya Community Day Secondary School in Machinga District

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,999.33

Project Launch: 9-14-23

The Development Network for Youth Empowerment (DENEYE) in partnership  with Nampeya community seeks a $9,999.33 grant from World Connect to construct a library at Nampeya Community Day Secondary School. The library is expected to ease the burden the school faces such as students' poor performance in class and high rates of school dropout which often leads to increases in early marriages.. Additionally,   it will promote literacy and cultivate a strong reading culture within the community. This project will transform Nampeya village and its coming generations as it  holds the promise of enhancing education opportunities for all in the village.

Project Update: 11-27-23

The Construction of a 12.9m by 10m School library at Nampeya CDSS implemented by Network for Youth Development in Machinga district has progressed so well and is at a roofing stage. All community contributions were made and with  just 60% of the total funding, approximately 90% of the construction materials were procured. Confidently, when completed, the project will improve performance and will reduce school drop out cases at the school which has existed for over 15 years without a library. 320 students  are expected to be directly impacted once the project is completed

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