Organized Women of Salitre Community Clean-Up Program

Year: 2016
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $749.77

Project Launch: 1-31-17

The community of Salitre is primarily inhabited by the indigenous Bribri people. The town lacks access to any municipal waste management services. Consequently, litter and recyclables accumulate throughout the settlement without being recovered. This project is composed of two phases: Firstly, the project proposes that the community collectively conduct litter clean-up twice a month in the area. Directing refuse to locations away from town will reduce exposure to infectious agents and toxins. Women and children are partners will also be engaged in developing the conversation around environmental stewardship in homes and schools in Salitre, particularly as the larger region seeks to cultivate a green image.

Project Update: 8-30-17

The community has carried out 7 formal communal cleanings (and at least 2-3 informal ones). There have also been 6 trash collections conducted by the municipality. Participants have conducted 3 environmental talks for the high school, elementary school, and the community at large and have hosted a sale of food and drinks to raise money for the project.

7 recycling stations have been constructed and about 12 signs have been posted in the community, more than expected. Over the past 5 months, the group has recovered 1200 kilograms of recyclables. In May, the group secured funds from an assistance program provided by the Costa Rican government in the area of communal construction.

Final Report: 10-27-17

The community clean-up in Salitre has been a great success. A change is beginning to occur with regard to garbage disposal. The roads are cleaner as villagers are getting used to the idea of disposing of trash properly while they are eating or drinking. Now that there have been trash and recyclables collections for about 8 months, neighborhood by neighborhood, more people are sorting their refuse and are reducing the amount of trash and recyclables that they are burning or burying.

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