Chitipi Cooperative Mushroom Production Project

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $2,671.23
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 8-5-20

Chitipi COMSIP, a community organization, will use this World Connect grant to start a mushroom farming project. Managed by ten cooperative members (7 women, 3 men), the project will directly benefit over 60 members and hundreds of potential customers. The grant will be used to purchase equipment for setting up a structure for the mushroom project and security fencing around the plot. They will also use the grant to create market access and establish an online platform for the cooperative to market its mushrooms. The cooperative at large which has 60 members, will benefit from various trainings that will encompass those that are not directly implementing the mushroom project but can utilize the knowledge and networking to grow their businesses and indirectly contribute to the success of the cooperative.