Bee Keeping and Honey Production for Chiomba Community in Nkhata-Bay

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $6,295.19

Project Launch: 11-24-23

Chiomba Beekeeping Club seeks to implement a project that will focus on reviving and improving the Beekeeping enterprise that already exists in Chiomba T/A Fukamapiri in Nkhatabay district. The main activities will include training 41 community members in beekeeping, building of a honey processing shelter and installation of 100 modern beehives that can produce an annual yield of 1,500 liters of honey per year. The project is expected to increase income generation of community members from the honey sales,  women participation in community development projects, and improve the nutrition status of women and children since this project will allow the beneficiaries to make extra money to be spent on food items to promote nutrition.

Project Update: 12-21-23

The Beekeeping and Honey production project by Chiomba Beekeeping club which is  aimed at improving the economic livelihood of people  in the area of Tradional Authority Fukamapiri, Chipolopolo Village headman in Nkhatabay has achieved a remarkable milestone few months after being launched. The 27 club members  have managed to  procure 70  out of the targeted 100 beehives. In addition all the identified members were trained  in beekeeping in the process gaining skills to help them install bee hives as well as when processing hiney later.  The club is projecting a production of 1,500 liters of honey per year and the sales made from this honey  will help improve the livelihood of members and people in the  community..