Beach Sweep

Year: 2015
Country: Costa Rica
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $165.62

Project Launch: 1-20-16

Gandoca beach is a beautiful black sand beach on the eastern coast of Costa Rica, nestled in a wildlife refuge close to the Panama border. This project will organize weekly beach sweeps, during which community volunteers will collect trash along the beach to protect wildlife from environmental contaminants. Additionally, anti-littering signs will be installed to educate community members and visitors about the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal.

Project Update: 4/19/16

To date, two beach sweeps have been held. Moving forward, the goal is to partner with various youth groups to engage more youth in local conservation initiatives. Over the next few weeks, community volunteers will paint anti-littering signs and hang them around the beach, lagoon and boating dock.

Final Report: 3/9/2017

Several anti-littering signs were erected and local cabin owners have been empowered to be vigilant about maintaining the cleanliness of the beach areas upon which their businesses depend. This will also provide local wildlife, including the leatherback turtle population, greater visibility in environmental sustainability efforts.


"The feeling of accomplishment I felt and saw once we placed the signs in their locations was one of the best moments as a volunteer. Also, this allowed me to interact with the students outside of the classroom in a more inform, friendly environment. The youth in my community teach me more about myself than in comparison than what I taught them. Thank you to World Connect for making this project a success." - Francisco, Peace Corps Volunteer

"This will be a huge help to continue to protect our environment and wildlife. Leatherback turtles are beginning to come ashore to lay their eggs and having a clear, clean path will make their process more successful." - Jose, Project Leader

"I offer lodging for visitors who stay in the community. I like to take them to the beach but I get embarrassed when they ask me why is there so much trash on the beach." - Maria, Project Participant 

"I have always had interest in how I can make a difference in my community. With the help of the volunteer I was able to learn how to work with community leaders and motivate my peers to join the project and help out. It was nice to see someone who is not from here, putting effort and time to help us take better care of our beach. Thank you World Connect for everything!" - Justin, Project Participant 

"I go to the beach everyday since I live very close to the beach. Some days when I go to the beach I see lots of trash all over the beach. The beach is very important to me, I enjoy fishing and taking visitors on hike to the lagoon. The signs have helped a lot and now I see less trash being left behind on the beach."- Alfredo, Project Participant 

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