Community Partnership Charter Middle School

Community Partnership Charter Middle School

This is the first year that Community Partnership Charter Middle School is participating in Kids Connect. The group of dedicated 7th graders have decided to support the "Crocheting for Community" project in El Salvador. They held their first fundraiser in November, where they sold Salvadoran food to raise funds for the project and to raise awareness about Salvadoran culture. In addition to baking homemade treats, the students sold empanadas and pupusas, which were provided at a discounted price from a local Salvadoran restaurant close to the school. The girls raised $140 from 50 unique donors and one of the students, Noelia, donated $10 of her own money. The students recently presented at an after school talent show, where they talked about Kids Connect and explained the Crocheting for Community project. To help spread the love, the students held a Valentine's Day bake sale.


Mission Statement

As members of the Community Partnership Charter School World Connect Committee, we believe that helping others to get the rights they deserve will change the world.

We believe that we can help others to grow and to become leaders.

We believe that people deserve an opportunity to choose their own future.

We believe that when you change one person you can change the world.

We commit to: putting in full effort in order to help to make a change, showing up to do our part, being kind to others, and giving back in any way we can.

We always remember that a reward for our work is not necessary. We get our satisfaction from helping others.



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