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You want to make a difference, and you’re ready to reach out. Your heart suspects what your mind is ready to believe—that distance and background don’t lessen the power of shared purpose. World Connect helps kindred spirits bring visions to life.

We work with schools, organizations, program partners, foundations and corporations around the country, to connect human beings to each other and to opportunities across the globe. We invite you to join our cause and build bridges to empathy, philanthropy and cultural discovery.

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$64,000 raised by students since 2009

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Whether you want to learn more about what it takes to get involved, teach others about the World Connect mission and work, or need marketing materials for your group when fundraising – we've got it all ready for you to download below! When you're officially ready to get started be sure to fill out the contact us submission near the bottom of the page.

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Because our projects are locally-led, each dollar goes further than top-down global development approaches. A few hundred dollars can change hundreds of lives.

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