Liinde Health Hut Maternity Ward

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal

Liinde is a small community of around 1,500 people. The maternity ward at the local health hut is damaged, and as a result, women travel 20km to the nearest health facility to receive proper maternal health care. This project will repair the maternity ward with a goal to improve access to quality maternal health services in Liinde. Additionally, the volunteer health hut staff will be trained by health professionals and leading community-wide seminars to improve rural health outreach.


Project Update

All construction and renovations have been completed, with the generous support and engagement of a number of community members. A training was held for the Health Hut staff, focusing on maternal health, improved sanitation techniques, pre- and post-natal care, baby weighing, potential pregnancy complications, and the proper use of a sphygmomanometer. To promote the new maternity ward, the health center staff invited all new mothers to participate in a growth monitoring session. As a result of this project, pregnant women no longer need to travel 15 kilometers to the next town to give birth. Less women will be forced to give birth in their homes and women that give birth at the health hut will have a sanitary place to recover as well as access to maternal and newborn health services.



“We have all the tools necessary to give these women and children good health care. This has so much importance!” – Coumba, Health Care Worker


“I am very proud of the knowledge that I have gained; because of this project I can better help the women and children in our community.” – Musa, Project Participant


“It is beautiful, the Health Hut is already beautiful. The roof is fixed, no more rain, no more floods and no more worrying that the wood beams will break and fall on my head.” – Nao, Project Participant