Empowering Women by Teaching New Skills

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $489.00

Project Launch:

This project aims to empower girls and women in the village of Ikeddaren Kelaa M'Gouna by organizing a series of workshops deasigned to fight poverty and marginalization. The workshops will create a new environment for education, training, and combating illiteracy, which is widespread in the area.

The workshops will be dual-focused on sewing skills like crochet, embroidery, and using a sewing machine, as well as household management skills, such as family education and domestic violence. The larger goals of the project are for women and girls in Ikeddaren Kelaa M'Gouna to be able to generate income, create safe spaces in their homes, and to increase the capacity of the local development association to run programs for women.


Project Update:

The women’s group have purchased four sewing machines and have completed their workshops on crochet, handicrafts, embroidery and sewing. The workshops provided a safe, productive learning space, and the women are already generating income from their handicrafts. In addition, they can now pass down their skill sets to their daughters and other community members. The women’s group took an inspiring field trip to the provincial capitol to meet with another well-established women’s association. The women’s group often stays at their workshop space until late in the evening working on the handicrafts.



“I have made lifelong friendships with these women and they inspire me to work harder for women’s empowerment and rights everyday.” Rebecca, Peace Corps Volunteer
“This project helped women in our community develop themselves. These classes help the women stay productive and use their free time in a stimulating way. In addition, the project helped the women to integrate into society, through education, they are able to become contributing members of society.” Latifa, Workshop Teacher
“Three of my sisters are involved in this project and I can see a positive change in their free time. Instead of just sitting in the house watching TV, they are now happily going to the women’s association building 4 times a week and learning new skillsets. They are also sharing what they have learned back at home as well.” Mohamed , Project Leader
“I am very proud of the revenue we were able to create from our button making activities and I learned a lot from the classes. The learning has empowered us greatly and we see the importance of development. In addition, I am now seeing the opportunity to apply for work outside of the home and I am applying for a job at a local preschool. The work at our association really inspired me to use my time more productively and not just sit in front of the TV all day.” Mohjouba, 19, Project Participant

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