Recharging Ayimom

Year: 2019
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Unfunded
Sector: Education
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Project Launch: 6-14-19

The district of Ngororero has one of the highest rates of malnourition and stunted growth among children in Rwanda. The Women for Children Development Cooperative was founded in 2018 to address the high rate of malnourished children in Gashubi, Ngororero With this World Connect grant, the cooperative will cultivate vegetable gardens in all 5 village commons of Gashubi cell and provide equipment for the village kitchen. The cooperative plans to harvest 100kg of vegetables each week to feed young children through the village kitchen. The surplus vegetables will be sold and the savings will be used to maintain the gardens. This project aims to reduce malnutrition among children in Gashubi by 90%. World Connect in not fundraising for this project at the request of or on behalf of Peace Corps. 

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