Nedi Neswi Women's Weaving Training

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $357.84

Project Launch:

Nedi Neswi is an active women's center in the Ifrane Province of Morocco that provides resources for women to work toward financial independence or to help support their families. The goal of this project is to bring an artisan weaver to Nedi Neswi to train two women on how to use two looms that were recently donated to the Nedi Neswi. In turn, the women who are trained will then train the rest of the women's association. The simple idea of this project is that women will be able to more fully utilize a resource already available to them. The training will increase their knowledge and broaden the array of products that will be available for them to produce and sell. This project will help keep Nedi Neswi a thriving community for women and will provide concrete opportunities for the women to work towards economic independence.


Project Update

Four women were successfully trained to use the sewing looms and can now make pillows, blankets, sheets, and bags. In addition, two other women were trained as hair stylists. The women's center has expanded and invested in new looms, which showcases their commitment to the sustainability of the center.



"This program provided both an opportunity for the women to learn new and useful skills, and a vote of confidence for women that had dropped out of the school system to re-engage in learning." - Andrew , Peace Corps Volunteer


"We're very excited to be able to use a space and machines which were previously lost to us. This is a great chance for the women here." - Fatima, Project Leader


"I loved this program, I loved the chance to study again, to learn new things." - Fatima M, 19, Project Participant 

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