Let's Communicate

Year: 2015
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,426.11

Project Launch: 11-23-15

Much of the deaf and hard of hearing population in M'rirt is under 25 years old and unable to be supported by local education providers and government institutions. This project will lead to the implementation of a two-day conference focused on deaf culture and communication strategies. Led by experts in the field, community leaders such as police, doctors, and administrative officials, as well as family members of deaf children will attend the conference to better understand the needs of the hearing impaired as well as ways to better communicate with deaf community members. The conference will include presentations, sign language trainings, and other awareness activities. As a result of this project, the community will have a stronger relationship, better understanding and better integration with its deaf and hard of hearing population.

Project Update: 2-28-16

The two-day conference was a big success as it raised awareness about the deaf and hard of hearing population in M'rirt as well as the amazing efforts being accomplished by a local organization that is providing services and educational opportunities to disabled children. The conference was attended by a diverse group of people spanning several sectors, such as nurses, teachers, and government officials from various ministries. The attendees came in with minimal knowledge and left knowing basic sign language and are now equipped with the tools to better communicate with the deaf population. By engaging Moroccan leaders and public service workers, this project empowered and inspired a group of people to think about how to better integrate the deaf population into a community where they are provided with equal access and opportunities.

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