International Women's Day Health Fair

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $490.48

Project Launch:

This project will take place in Akka, Morocco and is focused on organizing an International Women's Day Health Fair. The larger goal of the International Women's Day Health Fair is to educate and unite rural women through a series of healthy lifestyle workshops, empowering them to make healthy lifestyle choices. They will participate in activities such as yoga, Zumba, breast cancer self-examination training, a nutrition workshop, a walking race, and a workshop about community health workers and health resources in their community.


Project Update:

The Akka International Women’s Day Health Fair was implemented over eight days and provided women with lessons on the following healthy lifestyle topics: breast cancer screening (including a self-examination exercise), hand washing, tooth brushing, alternative toothpaste recipes, sugar consumption and diabetes, and sexual harassment. Women participated in healthy lifestyle activities such as aerobics and yoga, low-sugar smoothie making, and healthy snack baking (rosemary olive oil crackers). A day was also provided for the women to bring their pre-school aged children to receive health and hygiene lessons, followed by reading-time, face painting, and coloring. An exercise machine (stepper) and three jump ropes were purchased and given to the Women’s Association to help promote and encourage exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle.



“This project has reformed the way women see themselves and other women in the sense that it placed constructive accountability and established value to their roles as mothers and wives; therefore empowering them as frontrunner in increasing development in their community. The project has helped women realize that staying healthy does not have to be tedious or boring, but instead it can be fun, adventurous and most importantly they do not have to do it alone.” – Rebecca, Peace Corps Volunteer
“This project has encouraged many individuals in our community to reevaluate their lifestyles, and has subsequently started a movement where people are determined to be aware, fit, and healthy. Our Local women’s center, hospital, and youth center are all willing to continue collaborating together in promoting sustainable health workshops, aerobics and yoga classes, and support groups for both women and children.” – Rabiya, Project Leader
“My 3 year old son Adam and 11 year old daughter Fatim Zahra had a great time at the child and mother’s day workshop. Fatim Zahra learned how to properly brush her teeth with baking soda and salt. Adam loved the storytelling, and it was exciting to teach him his colors during coloring time.” – Khadija, Project Participant