Families Growing Positively

Year: 2017
Country: Nicaragua
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,334.37

Project Launch: 2-7-17

In Nicaragua, there are 10,000 HIV-positive citizens who face stigma, discrimination, and social exclusion, leaving this subpopulation largely neglected. Further, over 3000 Nicaraguan children are orphans as a result of losing their parents to HIV/AIDS. This threat of the disease and the social silence surrounding its spread puts untold lives at risk. This project proposes a four day sleepaway camp for 25 families affected by HIV/AIDS. At the camp, participants will receive HIV/AIDS education, including discussions of safe sex, self-care training, and further training in resiliency and overcoming stigma.

Project Update: 8-9-17

Counselors welcomed 24 Nicaraguans to FGP camp in El Tisey, Esteli. Our host country attendees traveled in from various parts of Nicaragua, respectively: Managua, Masaya, Nueva Segovia, Leon and Chinandega. Since the end of camp, PC counselors and elected host NGO counterparts have already begun meeting with these youth leaders in a professional atmosphere. Youth attended a meeting in Managua at the office of a local counterpart organization for hands-on training on how to give HIV/AIDS-related presentations to community members. Youth leaders also tabled at the local Day of Solidarity with People Living with HIV/AIDS event. There, they recreated the condom demonstrations previously given to them and carried out a variety of presentations relating to HIV and health. 

Final Report: 10-26-17

Youth and adult participants demonstrably improved their knowledge of HIV/AIDS and increased their facility at effectively communicating HIV-related topics to others. Participants understood the basics of HIV/AIDS, how to prevent transmission of HIV, how to discuss safe sexual activity with adolescents, and strategies in which to overcome stigma and other barriers to engagement.

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