Creation Camp: An Introduction to Traditional Moroccan Artisanal Skills for Girls

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,548.24

Project Launch:

After decades of working under male leadership in various other associations, the women artisans of Tameslouht gathered together and formed their own association in January 2013. The mission of Creation Tameslouht is to provide the women artisans of Tameslouht with a supportive business network and improve their ability to market and sell their goods, specifically by identifying international markets and diminishing the need for a middleman. With World Connect's support, Creation Tameslouht is seeking to host a ten-day training in August 2013. The forty women of Creation Tameslouht will identify and train forty young women from the community, aspiring artisans, mentoring them in technology, business, and craftwork, specifically Fesi embroidery, basket embellishment and jewelry weaving. The women of Creation Tameslouht will serve as mentors for the young women, growing their network and influence in the community and establishing themselves as important women-centered association.


Project Update

This ten day camp provided an opportunity for young women of Tameslouht to be mentored by local artisans in three traditional Moroccan crafts: Fesi embroidery, basket embellishment, and jewelry weaving, teaching marketable skills and sharing useful knowledge for working in the contemporary business world. The goal of this project was to arm young Moroccan women with the tools for financial independence, creative thought, and a sense of empowerment and it's no small achievement that twice as many young girls participated as intended!



"This project provided the girls of the community with a safe forum. There aren't a lot of activities for the youth of Tameslouht, but the ones that are available are typically catered towards both genders or just boys." - Sarah, Peace Corps Volunteer

"We want to organize this camp every year to continually reach out to the new generations of girls within the community. The girls that we instructed will engage in mentorships with the association Creation Tameslouht and continue learning in both formal and informal ways." - Zineb, Project Leader

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