Cooking up Empowerment

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $758.39

Project Launch: 11-21-14

Los Lopez is a semi-urban community home to 120 families. Half of the community is paved while the other half consists of dirt roads, which have a tendency to flood during the rainy season. Los Lopez has excellent access to electricity; however, the community continuously struggles to secure access to clean water. Opportunities for women to work are limited in the community; there are three small shops owned and operated by women, as well as four women who sell food outside their homes. They all sell the same thing, and nothing differentiates one from the other, making it hard for them to each generate income.


This project will lead to the implementation of a weeklong cooking class to educate participating women on healthy cooking habits and the importance of women’s empowerment. The women will learn how to make meals from five different countries, using the culinary experience as platform to discuss different cultures and women’s rights around the world. After all the cooking classes have been completed, the women will have an opportunity to cook their favorite dish and sell it at a community event, setting the foundation for future income-generating opportunities.


Project Update

23 women completed the five culinary education classes, where they learned new recipes and healthy eating habits. Participating women also attended an empowerment class where they learned about women’s rights around the world. The classes allowed the women to discuss important issues, make new friends, and try new, diverse, cultural foods.



"This project has been well received by the community. It has given the women of the community a place to share ideas and learn new things in a safe space. Having an open space to talk about something as serious as women's rights gave the women in the community a sense of empowerment. They now feel more in control of their lives, and know that they are not the only people struggling with certain issues." - Mario, Peace Corps Volunteer


"Trying new recipes has been a good experience." - Gertrudi, Project Beneficiary 


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