CLIMB - Sidi Slimane: Creating Leadership In the Mountains and Beyond

Year: 2016
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $4,611.00

Project Launch: 5-20-16

This project will implement an outdoor leadership program for youth in Sidi Slimane, providing opportunities to study and explore Morocco’s enchanting natural environment, such as Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. Through hikes and educational workshops, the youth will learn about the country’s local topography and conservation strategies. At the end of the program, the youth will start their own environmental clubs to help motivate their peers to think passionately about the environment and their role within it.

Final Report: 7/31/16

The project's education classes have launched and the group has taken two excursions into the natural environment to better understand local ecology. The group continues to stimulate curiosity and appreciation of the natural environment among boys and girls. Although the gardening component of this program was not completed, the group was able to hike Mt. Toubkel.


"The girls in our group have come to know that they can do something that is very difficult. They can succeed. This gives them more self-confidence that they need to succeed in their lives." - Yassin, Project Leader

"I learned a lot about leadership in this program. When thinking about leadership and who might be a leader in our city, Sidi Slimane, you have to remember that it is hard to be a leader, because you can't handle the whole group of citizens. But in a group like ours, the Sidi Slimane CLIMB program, we can learn how to be a leader on a small scale and work our way up." - Mohammed, Participant

"The most valuable thing that I learned from the CLIMB program was that I can do what I thought was impossible for us." - Fatima, Participant

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