2014 Ouarzazate eNEWS Training Program

Year: 2013
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,993.26

Project Launch:

This project will expand upon an already tremendously successful initiative to train young people in Ouarzazate, Morocco in journalism and media. Next up, these dynamic young journalists will recruit new members and replicate the original training they themselves received. They will also be focused on enhancing their skills as editors and leaders of the Ouarzazate eNEWS organization, and purchasing improved equipment for video production. A key focus for the group in 2014 will be to cover an International Women's Day festival in Morocco on March 8th, 2014, acting as a media liaison for festival organizers and demonstrating the tremendous advances in capacity that they've made since the founding of the group.

To view the other World Connect-supported Ouarzazate eNEWS project, follow the links below:
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To view the eNEWS Association website, click here: www.enewscitizenlab.com/beta/ 

Project Update:

Being in the fourth year of the project, veteran members were provided with opportunities to take on more responsibility and help execute the program and train new members. New members learned important journalistic skills, such as interviewing, writing, photography, video and editing. Unfortunately, the International Women’s Day Festival was cancelled, but the participants were able to cover other events. Participants were able to meet with a Washington D.C. based Moroccan freelance journalist, who offered inspirational advice and answered questions. Two members who have been with the program since its formation are using their acquired skills and entrepreneurial spirit to start a web design and event planning business, highlighting the impact the project has made on the community.

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