Women For Change

Year: 2014
Country: Peru

The Association of Artisans of San Pablo consists of 25 women who have bonded together to form a small handicraft and artisan clothing business. Traditional gender roles persist in San Pablo, limiting women typically to domestic responsibilities as opposed to employment opportunities, and preventing them from becoming financially independent. A previous World Connect project provided the San Pablo artisans with a traditional weaving loom and artisan and business workshops. To increase the association’s capacity and advance their business, this project will provide additional equipment, such as an industrial sewing machine, to improve the quality of the products and increase sales in domestic and international markets. The women will also receive additional artisan workshops, as well as workshops focused on gender equality, female empowerment, and leadership.


The Association of Artisans of San Pablo were the recipients of the 2014 Charlotte Daniel “Champions of Change” Award.


Project Update

The equipment has been purchased, including an industrial sewing machine, chairs, tables and yarn. The women entered and won a business plan competition hosted by the Provincial government and the Ministry of Agriculture, providing them with additional financing, resources, and formal entry into a government program focused on strengthening entrepreneurship and productivity in rural areas. The municipal government has also granted the women a secure market space in city, allowing them to increase their sales and customer base. With additional trainings and equipment, the women have witnessed a 20% increase in production and income for all members.