Local-led Culinary Tourism in the Ecuadorian Andes

Year: 2016
Country: Ecuador

Project Description

Kallpa Warmi, an indigenous women’s cooperative based in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, has already established a local following with their brand of unique recycled art. The collective is now seeking to expand its entrepreneurial focus to encompass a catering business featuring local gastronomic specialties. This project proposes the acquisition of a collapsible market stall and other supplies so the women of Kallpa Warmi can bring their delicious food to the area’s foreign tourists as well as other Ecuadorians.

Progress Update: 2/6/2017

The women of Kallpa Warmi announced they will be debuting two new vending locations later this season: One in their village and another at nearby Cajas National Park!


“Having already received a grant from World Connect, the planning and execution processes have gone very smoothly. There are many members such as President Janeth Guerrero and Gladyz who have demonstrated initiative in helping with the reports, taking attendance and other logistics for the World Connect project. Marisol has shown excellent leadership and initiative in this project, and I am very confident in its execution in my absence. I am also very proud of the growth and ambition of the women in setting the goal of a second storefront in the main plaza of Sayausi.” — Alli, Peace Corps Volunteer

“We have now increased to 42 members.  We are all very convinced of the change that is happening as we grow and learn together. We believe in continuing to work hard to improve our catering and food services and artisan products. We have prepared our products to be sold in the storefront and are very excited for its inauguration.” — Marisol, Project Leader

“Thanks to the help of World Connect with the seed capital we have now been able to promote ourselves and make known the products that we make. It could be said that we have advanced a lot as today we are a recognized organization.” — Janeth, Project Participant