Goat Husbandry in Maluwa

Year: 2017
Country: Malawi

Project Description

Maluwa Village’s agricultural output has been significantly affected by unpredictable weather patterns which feature prolonged droughts that parch fields as well as unrelenting, sudden downpours that inundate homes and flood crops. The result of this eccentric climate is a considerable amount of food insecurity and hunger, both of which complicate existing poverty and an already difficult HIV/AIDS epidemic that has left broken families and children orphaned and vulnerable. This project seeks to promote goats as a way to resolve some of these challenges. 45 goats will be distributed to 90 villagers who will form teams of two to raise their animals. Using goat droppings as fertilizer, participants will be able to increase harvest productivity. Additionally, after breeding their goals, they will also be able to begin a goat butchering and goat-rearing enterprise over time, providing ecological sustainability and economic opportunity to the village.