Cyasenge Community’s Cow Rearing

Year: 2016
Country: Rwanda

Project Launch

Cyasenge is composed of 164 households totaling 725 people. The community lacks clean water, electricity, and access to a health clinic due in part to its location 10 kilometers away from the nearest main road. As with many communities in hilly Rwanda, soil erosion is a constant threat to farms and undermines food security. The Cyasenge community determined that its most important goal is to eliminate food insecurity. This cattle-rearing project will provide an alternative source of income as well manure that will increase local agricultural yields, thereby, boosting food security. The project calls for the purchase of 30 cows and all the necessary supplies to keep them safe and healthy: pen construction materials, a means of transporting grass and water to them, tablets and injections, and extra money in case a veterinary visit proves needed.