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There's no better gift to give. We need your support to make sure volunteer health workers in Senegal can continue doing their important work.
They came together to re-open the Health Hut in 2013, after the doors and windows had been shuttered for nearly six years. Six people, five of them women, unpaid, volunteers, leaders, doing everything they can to improve the health of more than 1,000 people living in Katote village. Without the Health Hut, residents must walk long distances for care; many opt not to except in the case of an emergency, because responsibilities at home take precedence. Take a look at the Health Hut below, and imagine it with a protective wall, a shaded structure to provide relief from the desert heat and a space for community health education, a demonstration garden to supplement nutrition education, and bright, colorful murals sending positive health messages to community members and passersby.
Katote Health Hut Revitalization
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