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So little time! Here's our quick take on why you should
support World Connect this holiday season.
At World Connect we understand that this is an important time of year when you make thoughtful decisions about the non-profit work you wish to support. We hope you will read below to learn more about why investing in our global, grassroots development work is the right investment of your social impact dollars.

Why should I care about international development and the developing world?

The fragility of the developing world is everyone's problem. What happens in the absence of development -- uncertain water access, poor sanitation infrastructure, rapid spread of disease, acute food insecurity, economic stagnation, environmental degradation -- has a ripple effect on the rest of the world. We saw this tragically with the outbreak of Ebola this year. Investing in global grassroots projects builds the capacity and resiliency of communities to solve their own development challenges and build a foundation for a healthier, safer and more productive world.

How is World Connect helping?

World Connect invests in great ideas that are often unseen because the local innovators are in small rural communities, with limited access to the funding and support needed to develop their ideas. We find dynamic, local leaders and local organizations with innovative ideas and the capacity to mobilize their communities to act and support them. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

With an initial $400 investment, we launched a youth-led media company in Morocco, abetting diplomacy and advancing opportunity by promoting an open media and supporting the development of women journalists.

With an initial $3,000 investment, we launched a women's artisan business in a rural, fishing community in Belize that previously depended only on men for economic security. These women entrepreneurs are now leading their community towards a new kind of economic prosperity, having recently secured a $50,000 grant from the United Nations to grow their business.

With a $4,000 grant, women fish mongers working on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya joined together to build their own fishing boats, taking control of their economic security and ending their reliance on trading their bodies for economic advantage.

Malala Yousafzai was standing up for girls' access to education for five years before she was shot by opponents of girls' rights. Many people are taking on hard challenges every day in parts of the world where change comes slowly and with high risk. Let's not let it take such dramatic measures for girls around the world to increase their access to education, women to gain entry into business and careers, children to see basic health services, and environmental needs to be met. We launch this important work every day at World Connect and we know there are more future Nobel Peace Prize winners like Malala out there.  World Connect is throwing our full support behind local change makers every day. Join us in supporting girls' access to education, women's access to jobs and income-generating opportunities, essential health services for all women and children, and environmental protection for communities.
When you help others, your world changes.
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